Central Oregon
Racing Pigeon Club

5255 NW Way
Redmond OR 97756
For Directions
Don Chapin 541-350-6777



News and Updates

We are having a Club meeting this coming Sunday , Dec. 4th at 1 pm .

It will be held at Don's office which is located between 5th and 6th on Birch Ave, (560 Birch Ave.) ReMax realty . AGENDA :
    1. State Race report by Tim Graves and Don .
    2. Young Bird race schedule
    3. 400 Young Bird race (cost would be about
    4. Further discussion on shipping limits
    5. Trailer maintenance (tires - watering system small trailer)
    6. Clubhouse progress
    7. Upcoming awards banguet
    8. Ideas for Don to take to the AU CONVENTION . (He is leaving Monday , Dec 5th)
If anybody has anything to add let me know and I will add it to the agenda .